Pellet Stoves

Clean. Efficient. One-of-a-Kind.

Say goodbye to the messiness of wood heating and hello to the clean, compact pellet stoves. Combining the advantages of wood heating with the benefits of clean fuel, the AGP pellet stove from Avalon and Lopi is designed as an efficient home heater. Plus, the pellets contain only all-natural wood by-products, so they are both renewable and environmentally friendly sources of heat.

But why call it the “AGP?” The name stands for “All Grades of Pellets,” which brings to light a major advantage of this stove. This system features a unique a unique HRD rotary disc feed system which allows it to useLopi AGP any and all grades of wood pellets to produce efficient, convenient heat for your home. Capable of heating up to 2,000 square feet, it functions at 75% plus efficiency in all seasons. Additionally, the AGP offers one of the largest pellet capacities available and can produce up to 57 hours of continuous heat—without the need to refuel.

And there’s no need for concern about the cleanliness of the AGP. Featuring a self-cleaning system, the stove is EPA certified and produces only 0.67 grams of emissions per hour, meaning it is one of the cleanest burning pellet stoves in the world. The stove also features the GreenSmart technology which allows the stove to automatically adjust the flame and heat output. And because it’s a smoke-free system, as well as fairly heat-safe, it’s ideal for houses with pets or children.

The AGP pellet stove comes in two different designs, depending on the manufacturer. Pick the Avalon AGP for a traditional, symmetrical face, or go with the Lopi AGP classic, arched front. Also available are the optional wired wall thermostat and remote control thermostat which make control of the heat even easier.