Blaze King- Ashford 30.2- wood insert

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The Ashford is available in painted metallic black, cast gray and chestnut gloss enamel. Burled walnut is carved for the door and bypass handles. This creates a luxurious feel every time you use your stove. The adjustable, dual action door latch has a positive lock feel and is easy to operate. The Ashford 30 includes standard Ash Drawer which is mounted on Easy Glide runners with a removable Ash Pan and Lid. Performance
Real World Tested Performance
Constant Heat Output on High
35,980 BTU’s per hour for 10 hours
Constant Heat Output on Low
11,993 BTU’s per hour for up to 30 hours
Average Heating Time
8 – 13 hours
Firebox Size
2.9 cu.ft.
Flue Size


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