Electric Fireplaces and Inserts

Convenient Alternatives to Gas and Wood Burning

Electric fireplaces come in different colors, shapes and dimensions. Some are freestanding, while others are designed to be mounted on walls. If you are interested in a smoke-free and clean way to heat up your home, an electric fireplace should meet your needs perfectly. The appliance offers you a stylish and gorgeous way of heating your home, qualified by an atmosphere that mimics and matches that of a wood burning fire.

Before you purchase an electric unit, here are you factors to consider:

  • Design: There are various designs of fireplaces. You can purchase a freestanding electric fireplace, wall-mounted, a mantelpiece fireplace, or even a fireplace insert that can be placed inside an existing fireplace.
  • Heating Space: Electric fireplaces offer a brilliant means of heating your homestead instead of the traditional wood stoves or fireplaces. Make sure that the electric fireplace of your choice can effectively heat the entire room.
  • Features: Electric fireplaces offer variety of features to suit your tastes; for instance, apart from the burning wood experience, some even produce the crackling wood sound.
  • Controls: Consider the variety of controls offered such as thermostat controls or heat settings to adjust or maintain certain temperatures, or brightness settings among others.

Electric Fireplaces

If gas or wood-burning is not an option at your residence, electric provides a convenient alternative.

Electric Inserts

An insert that utilizes an electric heating element designed to go into existing fireplaces to increase efficiency and heat output.