Wood-Burning Options

No More Heat Going Up the Chimney

No longer plain boxes that send most of the heat up the chimney, modern woodburning fireplaces come in a wide range of styles to compliment any decor. Some are so efficient and so clean-burning, that they meet EPA Phase II criteria. This means wood fireplaces can be burned in areas where ordinary wood burning fireplaces are prohibited, yet still provide over 50,000 BTUs of heat. A wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs means wood burning fireplaces aren’t limited to just the great room any more.

Because wood fireplaces are built in as an integral part of your home, it is generally easiest to install a wood fireplace during new construction or remodeling. It is often possible, however, to add wood burning ambience to an existing home. We can advise you accordingly.

Wood Fireplaces

A traditional manufactured fireplace utilizing wood as a fuel source. Knowing the type of fireplace you have or want is paramount to getting the right products.

Wood Inserts

Designed to go into existing fireplaces that utilize wood as a fuel source to increase efficiency and heat output.

Wood Stoves

Free standing heating units utilizing wood as a fuel source with most of the functions of a fireplace or insert that presents a quaint appearance.

Rumford Wood Fireplaces

Tall and shallow fireplaces that reflect more heat while carrying away smoke with little loss of heated room air. Appreciated for their tall classic elegance and heating efficiency.

Custom Wood Fireplaces

The Hearth Shop and The Chimney and Masonry Company work together to design the fireplace of your dreams indoors or out, wood burning or gas, with any finish you can imagine.